This is the story of a much needed access across the Nottawasaga River. The people of Angus were in need of a new route to get from one side of the river to the other. The long winding road system across the one bridge was congested with traffic and very slow. The other bridge was on a busy County Road and the safety of their children on a School Bus travelling this way was creating worry. The new High School in town was going to need a more direct route from the new subdivisions on the Fifth Line, as well as for the students that would be attending from Rural Essa Township.

The Township Council has been working on a plan for a bridge for several years, and it is finally under construction. If you take the time to drive about 200 meters south of the new homes on the Fifth Line  you will see construction of a new road going West towards the Nottawasaga River. Take another drive South of the new high school on County Road #10 and then turn East onto Willoughby Road. At the bend in this road you will be able to see the men working on the new bridge. This bridge will be a great help to alleviate the traffic chaos of Mill St. in Angus by giving an alternative route to Base Borden. The expected time for completion is late 2011. This will help with access to the new High School which is slated to open for classes in Sept. of 2011.

Imagine leaving work in Base Borden and turning right as you get into Angus, going past the new school and making a left on Willoughby Road. Go across the bridge and you can be home on the fifth line in minutes. No more traffic lights on Mill St. to contend with. If you need to go to the south end of Barrie, this bridge will give better access to the 25th Sideroad of Essa, which is a direct route to Mapleview Drive.

Speaking of Mapleview Drive, there are plans in the works to line up the 25th Sideroad of Essa Township with Mapleview so that you won’t have to make that dangerous turn through the traffic to get in the eastbound lanes. If you live in South Barrie and you have work or play activities in Base Borden, this will be a safer, as well as a quicker means of access to the Base. You can leave the congestion of County Road #90 to the folks that live in the North Barrie areas. This bridge will be a great Real Estate benefit for owners of properties on both sides of the river.

All In all, I think that a great round of thanks is well deserved for the Township Council, both past and present, for bringing this Bridge Real Close to completion. This is all being done with minimal input of tax dollars, as the Township has required the developers in Angus to contribute funds for this construction. A hearty thank you to all of the people involved to get this accomplished.  (Of course we will need another coffee shop in this area, as you will miss the one at Roth St.)