Is Spring the Time to Sell in the Angus Area?

One of the main questions we as Realtors® get is “when is the right time to sell?”

For many home-owners in the Angus area you will want to consider Military Relocations.  The Military regularly receives their posting notices starting in March and then throughout the spring and sometimes into the summer time period.  It is at this time that they begin their MLS search for homes in the area and they will start planning their House Hunting Trip (HHT).  It would be ideal to have your home listed anytime starting at the end of January to hopefully grab the attention of military personnel coming in from different bases.  REALTOR.CA is a huge factor these days for home sales, many Buyer’s have already scoped out potential homes they think would interest them before contacting a local Realtor for the area that they are moving to.  So getting your home on the market before spring hits is usually a good idea for those thinking of selling in Angus, Utopia, Essa and Clearview.

Angus sales are not purely based on Military Buyers, so there are a few other things to consider when selling in this particular area.  Many people prefer to list their home and have it sold so they can move in the summer months, usually after school ends.  This is the same for Buyers, they want to be able to move into their home once their children are out of school so if a school change is necessary they do not have to disturb their school year.  The weather also plays a factor in the ease of a move and many people prefer to move in the summer months because it is a much easier venture.

With all of that said, selling in the summer, fall or winter months also is not a bad idea.  There is usually a shortage of homes for sale and Buyer’s still looking for their home so you have a little more leverage if the market in your area has fewer homes for sale.

Overall, sales in the Angus area typically take place from February-August but that does not mean that from September-January is a bad time to sell.  The Angus and area market is a very unique market because it not only has Military personnel, but it also has Honda employees, lower taxes and lots of development in the works.  All of this factors into a very stable market that allows, usually, for smooth sale (or purchase) at anytime of the year.

If you have any more questions or would like more information on properties currently for sale in Angus, Barrie, Clearview or Essa Township please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bill Forsyth
Sales Representative/Owner

Jenna Forsyth
Broker of Record/Owner