Stigmatized Properties

The value of real estate can be negatively influenced by both physical and psychological defects.

Traditional Physical Defects 
Traditional physical defects are problems such as a cracked foundation or leaky roof.  

Psychological Defects
Psychological defects refer to the negative opinions some people may hold towards a property due to events that have occurred there. Tragic events such as murder, suicide and other crimes all stigmatize a property for certain people. Properties may also be stigmatized by rumors of ghosts or other supernatural phenomena having a fondness for carrying out business there.

Marijuana Grow-Ops can have both physical and psychological defects.  The home itself may have structural and environmental defects BUT there is also the possibility of neighbours holding negative opinions towards the property because of the criminal activity that took place on property.  There is also the possibility that previous owners criminal acquaintances may come back to "haunt" you because they are unaware that new owners have taken over the property.

For sellers it is important to understand that the law may require you to disclose the existence of factors of stigmatization. Full disclosure is always preferable to costly lawsuits.

Buyers always should insist on having a qualified home inspection. If concerned with issues relating to stigmas, inquire with a local real estate lawyer about the legal obligations sellers have to disclose.

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Bill Forsyth
Sales Representative/Owner

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