Essa Township "Where Town & Country Meet"

Essa Township is a mixed rural and urban area, located in the heart of Simcoe County. It lies directly southwest of the City of Barrie and is roughly 100 kilometers north of the City of Toronto. Essa Township’s borders are County Road 90 to the north, County Road 27 to the east, Highway 89 to the south and County Road 10 to the west.

Essa Township consists of the three major communities of Angus, Baxter and Thornton as well as the smaller hamlets of Colwell, Egbert, Ivy and Utopia. Canada’s largest Canadian Forces training base, CFB Borden, is located inside Essa Township, just west of Angus, and impacts the economy of Essa Township positively.

Primarily an agricultural area, Essa Township also has a bustling service industry as well as some industrial manufacturing plants within its borders. With many beautiful rivers, picturesque landscapes and convenient access to major cities, Essa Township provides a great place to live and work for its 18,505 residents.

Essa Township is policed by the OPP with a satellite office in the newly opened Nottawasaga Pines Secondary School. Although the population of Essa is growing, crime has decreased and is lower than the Provincial five year average. A proactive approach to crime and traffic has contributed to these lower numbers.

A true sense of pride is felt by all who live in Essa Township. This is reflected in the many volunteer projects taken on by residents. Sustaining pristine river conditions is a common focal point of volunteer activities, highlighted by the annual Community Tree Plant. Annual festivals, such as the Angus Salmon Festival and Derby, bring visitors from across Central Ontario to take part in the wonderful fishing conditions, and also to enjoy the friendly atmosphere that Essa Township is known for. Our great scenery mixed with excellent business opportunities truly makes Essa Township a place “where Town and Country meet.”

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