Selling Your Home: Importance of the First Impression

When selling your home one of the most important things is the first impression that the potential Buyer's get upon arriving at your home.

Outside - "Curb Appeal"
One of the most important things to get Buyer's interested and excited about entering your home is to have the front of your home properly manicured and kept tidy.  Make sure that you lawn is cut, flowerbeds are organized and weeds have been pulled.  If your driveway is paved, make sure that it isn't discoloured and doesn't have an cracks. You want the Buyer's to pull up to your home and be excited to see what it looks like inside.  If you have garbage, a weedy lawn, out of control garden and poorly kept driveway it can make Buyer's think "Oh dear, I wonder what it looks like on the inside".  Curb appeal is very important.

It is important to make sure that your front entrance is nicely kept and clutter free.  It always makes for a good first impression when you enter a home that has a nice area to remove your shoes, smells pleasant and is clean.  Make sure to remove your personal shoes from the front door for showings, clean the mat at the door and remove personal items that may clutter the area, especially in homes with small front entrances.  There is nothing worse than going into a home and having the door be blocked by the home owners shoes.  It is also very important to make sure the house does not smell unpleasant, the most common complaints we have about scent is cigarette smoke, dog/cat smell or food smells.  

The first impression you have with something will stick with you forever, so keep that in mind when you are preparing to sell your home or if your home is already listed for sale keep that in your thoughts for upcoming showings. A bad first impression can not only make you miss out on potential Buyers but you may also get less money for your home.

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Bill Forsyth
Sales Representative/Owner

Jenna Forsyth
Broker of Record/Owner