Beware of Unregistered New Home Builders

There was recently a great article done in the Metro News about Tarion and how some unscrupulous builders who are not registered with Tarion are tricking Buyer's into buying homes that they believe are under Tarion Warranty but in fact are not.

“A lot of these builders are getting trickier and trickier,” he says. People buying newly-built homes should check the Tarion website, which has a directory of registered builders and also a list of builders whose licences have been revoked.

One red flag is when the builder tries to get you to get the building permit in your own name and to check off a box on the permit to say that you don’t need a Tarion Warranty because you are building the house yourself.

Tarion is trying to get the government to provide more control over the building permits to protect consumers. “Right now, it’s not a sufficient gate-keeping mechanism,” Bogach says.

Another trick is for unregistered builders to sell a “new home,” while claiming the house was “previously lived in” for a few months, in order to skirt the requirement to be registered. Quite often, they will tell buyers they will provide their own warranty. But it is not the same as the Tarion seven-year warranty, Bogach says. “So they are being creative in navigating around the rules.”

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Bill Forsyth
Sales Representative/Owner

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