Development Charges When Building a New Home in Essa Twp

In order to receive a building permit in the Township of Essa there are considerable "development charges" that a person or builder has to pay before the permit is issued. Most builders, including our custom home builder Sunnidale Custom Homes, include these costs in the price of the home.  Buyers need to make sure that they know whether all of these costs are included in the cost of the home so on closing they are not getting a surprise from their lawyers office.

The following is a list of the “usual” costs associated with the issuance of a building permit for single family dwelling based on the fee structure as of JANUARY 1, 2014 and should be used as a reference only, as they are subject to change at any given time:

Building fee: Dwelling: .85 / sq ft.
Unfinished basement .25 / sq ft.
Attached garage .25 /sq ft.

Water hook up permit (Angus & Thornton) $ 75.00
Sewer hook up permit (Angus) $ 75.00
Standard Connection fee to municipal water (Angus & Thornton) $ 6,613.00
Standard Connection fee to municipal sewer (Angus) $ 3,300.00

Township (un-serviced or rural lot) development charge $10,537.00
Angus development charge (water & sewer) $17,567.00
Thornton development charge (water) $15,562.00
Baxter development charge (sewer) $13,983.00
Willoughby Road & Bridge charge (Angus) $ 2,200.00
Septic permit fee $ 400.00

Simcoe County Education development charge $ 1,759.00
Simcoe County development charge $ 6,191.00
Simcoe County charge for roads in Angus $ 935.00

Lot grading deposit on residential lots $ 1,000.00

9-1-1 number assignment fee $ 32.50
Entrance application fee $ 60.00
Entrance deposit (can range between $500.00 and $1,000.00)

NOTE: Please speak with Planning and Development staff for a full explanation of the above figures as only some of these amounts will be applicable to certain applications.

For more information you can contact The Essa Township Office at 705-424-9770 or visit BUILDING PERMIT FEES : EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2014 for a list of the inforamtion provided.  You may also contact anyone at HomeLife Emerald Realty Ltd. Brokerage at 705-424-0770.

Bill Forsyth
Sales Representative/Owner 

Jenna Forsyth
Broker of Record/Owner